Solutions for Measurement
and Automation


R Tech Electronics presents QMBox series - data acquisition devices for measurement and automation in laboratory researches and industry. QMBox series includes a vast spectrum of sensor interrogation devices, various A/D and D/A converters and discrete I/O devices.

Customization for specific tasks

QMBox series devices consist of one or more modules installed in a single case. These can be modules of ADC, DAC, discrete I/O, relay switching, etc. Modules in one device can have any configuration, therefore a suitable QMBox device can be selected for practically any task of measurement and control automation.


You need a device that allows to:

  • measure and record temperature
  • turn on and off the heating installation
  • interrogate the state of power switches

Each QMBox device may contain from one to eight multi-channel modules. Thus, it is possible to select the device for each task, that will be optimal in terms of number of measurement and control channels.
Therefore, a QMBox based solution will perfectly match the scope of task in terms of both parameters and cost.

Completely ready-to-use devices

R Tech Electronics created universal full-featured software. This software allows user to start work immediately after the device is connected: acquire, process, visualize and save the already calibrated data converted to the required measurement units without help of programmers or metrologists.


Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC)

Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC)

Analog data acquisition devices, sensors interrogation.
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Generators of test and control signals.
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Discrete I/O devices

Combined I/O devices

Discrete input – output and relay switching devices.
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Various combinations of ADCs, DACs, relays and discrete I/O integrated in a single device.
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Programs, drivers, SDK, programming guides.
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